Most frequently asked questions

  • I want a piece of jewelry, how does it work?

I work by post to send your things and your jewelry, I send you a short questionnaire by email and then the instructions in a 2nd email

To communicate and order, this happens privately via Messenger on my Facebook page La Précieuse:

  • What is the lead time for making my jewelry?

My deadlines are currently around 3 months. I still say between 4 to 6 months so as not to put pressure on myself.

You will be on my waiting list when I receive your inclusions.

  • How much milk should I send you?

I only need 10ml.

With this quantity I preserve your milk (turn it into powder so that it keeps forever) and with this quantity of milk powder, I can make several jewelry!

If one day you want another piece of jewelry, it will stay in your file.

  • What can I add in jewelry?

Inclusions are: breast milk, strands of hair, umbilical cord, birth color, ashes, animal hair, etc!

  • What is the process of making jewelry with breast milk?

I put 5ml of your milk in a pan which I heat gently, I then add my preservative powder, I mix until it becomes a thick paste, and I let this paste dry on parchment paper for at least 24h

Then I take this paste which is dry and mix it with a mortar and pestle so that it becomes a very fine powder.

I can then mix it with my resin and pour it into my mold to make you a beautiful piece of jewelry!

  • How do I send you my milk and my inclusions?

I will explain to you by email how to pack your things, and you can mail everything to me. Everything will be explained in detail.

  • Does the pearl yellow over time?

The milk will never turn yellow in the jewelry because I preserve it.

Resin does not like the sun. There may be a small color change but nothing drastic.

  • How do I take care of my jewelry?

The beads are made of resin, by hand

The more you take care of it, the longer it will stay beautiful.


Wash under lukewarm water using a mild soap, gently rub the pearl with your fingers and dry with a soft cloth.

If the jewelry is not worn, leave it in its jewelry box; silver can oxidize if left in moisture.


Keep away from chemicals such as: perfume, cream, sunscreen, dye, Purrel, etc.

Do not wear in the shower, dishes, beach or swimming pool (hot water, chlorine, salt, sand)

Be careful not to scratch the milk pearl

Avoid constant sun and excessive heat

Under no circumstances have the jewelry modified by another jeweler (if necessary, contact me and we will look at it together)

If care instructions are not followed, no warranty can be offered.